The Border City - Synopsis :: 2004/06/08 19:49

Dr. Du-Yul Song, a Korean German philosopher, is faced with a special situation. Since he went Germany to study, he hasn't been able to come back to Korea, his homeland, for 33 years. It's because South Korean intelligence agencies regarded him as a high level 'spy' of North Korea. Owing to improvement of relationship between the North and the South, he was expecting to realize a lifelong wish, 'home-coming'. Will the door to Korea open for him and his unintended exile be ended, while the ghost of 'Red Complex' is still in the air?

2002, DVCAM, 79min

invited to 7th Pusan Int'l Film Festival
invited to Seoul Independent Film Festival of 2002 winner of Award
invited to 33th International Forum of Young Cinema in 53th Berlin Int'l Film Festival
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