The Border City - Director's statement :: 2004/06/08 19:50

In October 2002, Dr. Song tried again to return to Korea. “I will go anyway even though I am expelled at the airport." So firm was his resolution. However, his plan fell flat unexpectedly. It's because the org which invited him withdrew the invitation itself reading the authorities' attitude. He criticized 'absence of will and courage.' I don't know how to say how deep his disappointment and sorrow might be. However it would be much more bitter this time. My heart was pierced this time as I was when I witnessed the same case in Berlin in 2000. "There can't be an end of democratization, for it is a process of forwarding without cease!" says he. This words rebuke not others but me who grow familiar with accepting the reality as it is in my fifties. I hope this film to be a little thing that I can do for those living abroad against their hope and will.
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