Shoot the Sun by Lyric - Direction of the Production :: 2004/06/07 15:08

In , an ancient history of Korea, there is a following myth. As a consequence of the emergence of two suns in the sky, people had to go through agony. Then, as soon as a monk, Wolmyong began to sing, one of the suns disappeared, by which peace came back to the region.

The myth of "shooting sun" is a commonly appeared theme of the North-East Asia. The only difference lies that the heroes of other regions shoot at sun with bows, while our hero did with song. For this reason, one scholar of Korean literature called him as "hero of culture". The 113 members engaged in Korean Film, who had their hair cut to express deep anger, have continued desperate protest against the Screen Quota for more than a year from the July 98 up to now. The fight is not merely a narrow sense of strike for maintaining Screen Quota, but for Korean cultural identity against America's cultural imperialism, symbolized by Hollywood.

This documentary is a record of the people involved in Korean Film striking throughout a year. Through their features, we can find out not only the memory of ancient myth, but also the cultural heroes, striving to keep our culture and let the sun down by song.
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