Shoot the Sun by Lyric - Direction of the Production :: 2004/06/07 15:08

In , an ancient history of Korea, there is a following myth. As a consequence of the emergence of two suns in the sky, people had to go through agony. Then, as soon as a monk, Wolmyong began to sing, one of the suns disappeared, by which peace came back to the region.

The myth of "shooting sun" is a commonly appeared theme of the North-East Asia. The only difference lies that the heroes of other regions shoot at sun with bows, while our hero did with song. For this reason, one scholar of Korean literature called him as "hero of culture". The 113 members engaged in Korean Film, who had their hair cut to express deep anger, have continued desperate protest against the Screen Quota for more than a year from the July 98 up to now. The fight is not merely a narrow sense of strike for maintaining Screen Quota, but for Korean cultural identity against America's cultural imperialism, symbolized by Hollywood.

This documentary is a record of the people involved in Korean Film striking throughout a year. Through their features, we can find out not only the memory of ancient myth, but also the cultural heroes, striving to keep our culture and let the sun down by song.
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Shoot the Sun by Lyric - Motivation :: 2004/06/07 15:07

1. The Struggle
People engaged in Korean Film, for keeping Screen-Quota, went on a hunger strike last July. Ending 7 days of strike in Myungdong Cathedral, in which even fatigue was unfelt by their determined wills, they wrote: "Days and nights have passed filled with the soaring spirits. We gathered together with enthusiasm in every acute moments, being willing to take responsibility for the future of Korean Film with inspired outlook. Wearing stripes on shoulder with clenched fist, we exclaimed the catch-phrase for the future of Korean Film. Each time our strikes were new and we gradually won over." The strike to have taken place for one year. They achieved. But it was a handful of victory as well as uneasy. It is easy to imagine that America ,in pursuing of dominating film industries throughout the world, is going to give more harsh and persistent pressure against Korean film market, and Korean government will probably show indecisive reaction for that. People must start on the struggle towards the victory on their own. For this, they are going to announce their firm wills and justice hand-in-hand with our citizens. Moreover, with the people engaged in film in all over the world who is resisting against America's hegemony.

2. The Record

The documentary is to record the struggle of the 20 century's cultural heroes. And in the long and winding road of the struggle, we are going to lead our citizen's participations and be a footstone of international solidarity. The Screen-Quota strike, being paid attention by the world, and the close-up filming throughout a year, from the beginning through the end. Totally over the 120 hour's footage will show the vivid voices and condensed features occurred in the strike. Especially opening theatre through 35mm film Kineco will expand contact with mass audiences and at the same time will be a chapter assuring the another possibility of documentary.
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Shoot the Sun by Lyric - Production Procedure :: 2004/06/07 15:06

July, 1998 started to shoot the 1st struggle

December, 1998
re-starting to shoot the 2nd struggle

March, 1999
1st editing

June - July, 1999
3rd struggle

August, 1999
2nd editing

September, 1999
3rd editing & extra shooting

October, 1999
post-production & kine screened at Wide Angle section of 4th PIFF
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