Shoot the Sun by Lyric - Production Procedure :: 2004/06/07 15:06

July, 1998 started to shoot the 1st struggle

December, 1998
re-starting to shoot the 2nd struggle

March, 1999
1st editing

June - July, 1999
3rd struggle

August, 1999
2nd editing

September, 1999
3rd editing & extra shooting

October, 1999
post-production & kine screened at Wide Angle section of 4th PIFF
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Shoot the Sun by Lyric - Brief on the Film :: 2004/06/07 15:05

title Shoot the Sun by Lyric - the fight for the Screen Quota System in Korea



format Source: Digital 6mm Master: Digital Betacam Print: 35㎜ film (kineco)

running time

90 minutes.

executive producer

Choi, In-Gee


Hong, Hyung-Sook, Kang, Seok-Pil


Cho, Jai-Hong


Lee, Nam-Jim

invited to 4nd Pusan Int'l Film Festival
invited to Taipei Int'l Film Festival of 1999
invited to Singapore Int'l Film Festival of 2000
invited to 50th Berlin Int'l Film Festival
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노래로 태양을 쏘다 - 예고편 :: 2004/06/07 15:04

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