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192-399 : a story about the House Living Together brief on the film :: 2007/02/06 14:33

제목 / title 192-399 : 더불어사는집 이야기 / 192-399 : a story about the House Living Together

장르 / genre 다큐멘터리 / documentary

사양 / format DVCAM

길이 / duration 126분 / 126 min.

연출 / director 이현정 / Lee, Hyunjung

제작 / production 서울영상집단 / Seoul Visual Collective

제작연도 / production year 2006

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192-399 : a story about the House Living Together - staff :: 2007/01/30 18:52


production                Seoul Visual Collective

producer                   Lee, HyunJung

cinematographer      Lee, HyunJung

editor                        Lee, HyunJung

music                        Yim, JiHoon

sound design            Pyo, YongSoo

title                            Kwon, HyukGu

english translation    Kim, MoonHee

director                     Lee, HyunJung

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192-399 : a story about yhe House Living Together - director's statement :: 2007/01/30 18:34


It is meaningful in that it was the homeless who established a community with determination of self-help and that they occupied an empty house to demonstrate for their own housing rights. Following the people closely, this documentary film tried to observe what the house means to human beings and how housing rights shall be realized in this society.

To lose a house to live in Korean society means to lose a job, hopes and even self-respect. Observing the homeless who wanted to maintain hopes by occupying an empty house over a year, it is reminded that human dignity are not about any subject matter but an attitude.

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